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Gepeto App.

Gepeto Video from Yugen on Vimeo.




Yugen, Inc.


The Gepeto app is an all new way for kids (and adults) to author and share animated stories. It enables the user creating rich content from a simple and intuitive interface using touch gestures. An animated story contains multiple scenes, each is recorded with its own background and moving characters.
With Gepeto, anyone can create stop-motion animations in seconds – just by dragging characters while they are being recorded, along with sound.


  • – Select your scene background and up to 3 movable characters
  • – Record a scene by dragging characters around, use gestures to zoom and rotate
  • – Use Augmented Reality to move characters: attach a character to a physical marker card, while the front camera tracks its movement.
  • – Record instant narration or any sound track for a scene
  • – Use your own photos as background for scenes
  • – Create your own characters from any photo or image with instant cut-out
  • – Export your story to video and share it on YouTube, Vimeo or any other social network.

Technologies Used

Adobe AIR, ANE, AS3, Starling Framework, Feathers UI.

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